The National Amateur League has been there for a long time but it was at the Annual General Assembly of the NFF in July 2008 that an interim Management Committee was formally installed for the running of the Amateur League.

Membership of Amateur League Interim Management Committee:

Alh. Abubakar C. Ladan – Chairman
Mr. Dele Ogungbemi – Member
Mr. Lucky G. Ewa – Member
Alh. S. Garba – Member
Mr. Philip Nnogu – Member
Alh. Yahaya Hadejia – Member
Mr. Obasi Akpan – Member
Mr. Emmanuel Adesanya – Secretary

The 2008/2009 Amateur League season started in November 2008, and the season has now ended. The Amateur League is structured into Divisions One, Two and Three. Eight (8) teams are promoted from the National Amateur League to the Nigeria National League each year, while eight (8) are relegated from the National League to the Amateur League.

Equally, eight (8) teams are promoted from Division Two to Division One, while eight (8) teams are relegated from Division One to Two.

At the same time, Division Three teams played at eight (8) different centres with the top team in each centre promoted to Division Two, while the teams at the bottom are relegated out of the Amateur League outright.

Playoff into Amateur League Division Three was staged at the beginning of July.

The Amateur League is also faced with the constraints of lack of basic office equipment, lack of sponsors and inadequate staffing, just like the Nigeria National League and the Nigeria Women’s League.