NLO Boss Visits Zagreb, Holds Sponsorship Talks With Sofascore Partners

  • June 5, 2024
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Poised to take the nation’s grassroot football to enviable heights, Chairman of the Nationwide League One, His Excellency Silas Agara arrived in Zagreb, the Croatian capital for a sports business conference.

On Wednesday 5, June 2024 in Zagreb, the former Nasarawa State Deputy Governor began his trip, as a guest at the headquarters of Sofascore, where he met Zlatko Hrkać (the co-founders of Sofascore) and other top executives Marta Bihar, Toni Jermaniš and Filip Vrlec.

From there Agara was at Hotel Falkensteiner & SPA Iadera located on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia, for his first event, which was to network with all the partnership clubs of Sofascore across the world.

Next on his trip, the NLO boss will attend a two-day Sunset Sports Media Festival beginning from Thursday to Friday.

While speaking from Zagreb with the NLO Media Channel, a delighted Agara said.

“Football in Nigeria has over the years been in high demand, looking at the quality that makes it to Europe and other parts of the world. More so there are a lot of on-tapped talents everywhere, thus making the Nationwide League One the best platform that can create a career pathway for many of these talents.

“We are delighted that the NLO now has international interest amongst fans and corporate brands, this development in the long run can help our grassroot football realise its enormous potential.

“Our first season with Sofascore has been a rewarding one, as it has provided an opportunity for more fan engagements, by way of comments, predicting the scoreline of matches and also seeing minute-by-minute live scores of their teams pop up on their devices by way of notifications once they have the app.”

From Left: Marta Bihar, Zlatko Hrkać (the co-founders of Sofascore) ,
His Excellency Silas Agara (NLO Chairman) , Toni Jermaniš and Filip Vrlec